Programas Provinciales de Entrada Express

julio 12, 2015


Criterios para obtener un Certificado de Nominación Provincial*

EE:  Entrada  Express

BCPNPEE candidates apply under Skilled Worker (incl. Healthcare professionals), International Grad and Post-Grad for expedited processing.
MPNPSelected directly from EE Pool or through MPNP Skilled Worker Stream.
NLPNPFor NLPNP Skilled workers with jobs or job offers. Criteria to be announced soon.
NBPNPEE Labour Market Stream requires Expression of Interest application. Scored on 100 point system similar to FSW selection factors.
NTNPEmployer Driven. Requires candidate to submit EE profile and have job offer.
NSNPDemand Stream – 67/100 points, 1 yr exp. in one of 29 occupations or have an LMIA job offer; Experience Stream – 1 yr skilled exp. in NS and be EE eligible.
OOPNPHuman Capital Priorities Stream – EE candidate with min. 400 CRS; 1 yr skilled exp. in one occupation in last 5 years; bachelors, masters or PhD; CLB 7 Language; funds. French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream – EE candidate; no min. CRS; CLB 7 French and CLB 6 English; FSW or CEC work exp.; bachelors, masters or PhD; funds.
PEI PNPCandidates submit EE profile and submit Expression of Interest form to PEI PNP. More TBD.
SINPEE Candidates must score min 60 points on SINP grid; have min 1 yr. post secondary or trade and min FSW, CEC (only in-demand occupations) or FSTP work experience.
YUK PNPEE candidates with job offer receive additional points to EE profile.

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